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Press release

CLAAS presents the new TORION - the first wheel loader designed for agricultural use

In cooperation with Liebherr, CLAAS presents the TORION, which is the first wheeled loader series for all agricultural applications.

With this machine, CLAAS is meeting the growing demand for high-performance machines for professional agricultural transport and material handling, and introduces seven new loaders to round out the current range of telehandlers, transport wagons and tractors with front loaders. The new TORION series covers three different category sizes with a wide performance range. All the new models can be purchased via the CLAAS dealer network, including the CLAAS service guarantee for delivery of spare parts within 24 hours.

The expertise of our new cooperation partner, Liebherr

We have put the expertise of the Liebherr family business to good use with our TORION agricultural models. The construction machinery manufacturer will be collaborating with CLAAS on all future TORION models, as well as the SCORPION series. All new models are equipped with the proven CLAAS POWER SYSTEM drive, which combines extreme reliability with impressive efficiency. The TORION series also boasts a generously dimensioned cab with optimal all-round visibility and user-friendly features.

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Tipping load

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Max. output

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An agile all-rounder

With the smallest TORION 639 and 535 models, CLAAS offers an agile all-round machine built specifically with livestock holdings and special crops in mind. The Yanmar engines in both models develop up to 68 hp (50 kW), and meet Stage IIIB emissions standards. They are particularly robust and durable. The infinitely variable hydrostatic drive has two drive modes: F1 from 0 to 6 km/h, and F2 from 0 to 20 km/h. The driver can switch from one drive mode to the other at the touch of a button, depending on the application. For work at low speeds (e.g. feed measuring bucket), the amount of hydraulic oil can be controlled via the creep speed control. With their incredibly user-friendly handling, the TORION 639 and 535 models can be reliably operated, even when regularly operated by different drivers.

High stability, thanks to optimal centre of gravity

The tipping loads (articulated) of both models are 3.45 t and 3.85 t, respectively. An optimal centre of gravity and low design, with clearance heights of less than 2.5 m regardless of tyre type, ensure optimal stability, even when working on uneven terrain. The central articulation/swivel joint provides additional safety and convenience, smoothing out any bumps along the way.

Maximum visibility

The cab and boom on both models are positioned for maximum visibility. The generous front windscreen extends laterally to the cab floor and also provides an optimum view above, so that the operator can keep an eye on the attachment from any position. The rounded rear window provides the operator with an optimum view to the rear when on the move. The tapered boom narrows toward the cab, ensuring optimal visibility of the load and the attachment at all times.

Mid-range TORION series packs more punch

The mid-range series of the new TORION loaders with the 1511, 1410 and 1177 models are equipped with fuel-efficient DPS engines, which have already proven their worth in the CLAAS ARION 500 series tractors. They meet Stage IV emissions standards and develop up to 167 hp (123 kW). The convenient hydrostatic VARIPOWER transmission provides three drive modes, from 0 to 6, 0 to 16 and 0 to 40 km/h for optimal adjustment to the conditions. Models in the mid-range TORION series are therefore ideal for farms and contractors requiring sufficient power for silo compaction or for handling grain, fertiliser and other bulk material.

Unique engine mounting position

All TORION loaders, including the mid-range series, benefit from optimal weight distribution. The unique mounting position of the engine which is very low and well towards the rear,  creates a counterweight to the lifting zone. This means that less additional ballast is needed, which has a positive impact on tyre wear and fuel consumption. It also means that high tipping loads of 7.75 to 9.75 t are possible at a low working weight. 

Lifting gear with P- or Z-kinematics

For the TORION models in the mid-range series, the boom is available with P- or Z-kinematics. With the load spread across the entire lift zone and higher holding forces in the upper working area, P-kinematics is the best option for most agricultural work. Z-kinematics has a very high breakaway torque, and the bucket can be tipped quickly.

SMART LOADING for greater convenience and efficiency

The SMART LOADING advanced driver-assistance system brings together all the systems to optimise the machine operation. Practical additional features ease the operator‘s workload and help increase efficiency. Features include a programmable bucket return function and defined lifting and lowering limits, which make it possible for the operator to automatically guide the boom to certain pre-set positions using the joystick. A weighing system is also available, which is easily operated via a touchscreen. In the largest 1914 and 1812 models, the bucket return function and defined lifting and lowering limits come as standard; in the 1511 to 1177 models, they are available as an option. The weighing system is available as an option in all models.

User-friendly touchscreen display

All three models in the mid-range TORION series are equipped with a standard 7” touchscreen, which serves as a central information hub for operating the machine and is extremely easy to use. There are two different joysticks available for convenient and sensitive control of the TORION. The ergonomically designed joystick can be used to easily operate all boom functions with precision. The direction of travel can also be changed easily via a toggle switch on the handle. The multifunction lever which is available as an option has an additional four-way control lever that can be used to control a third and fourth hydraulic circuit, for filling and dumping a high dump bucket or opening and closing a silage grab.

Demand-driven cooling with DYNAMIC COOLING

The new DYNAMIC COOLING system controls the fan speed electronically ensuring demand-driven cooling of the engine, no matter what the operating conditions. The integrated reversing fan system is available as an option. It also works fully automatically, based on the settings selected by the operator, to remove dirt from the radiator grille.

Top performers: TORION 1914 and 1812

With the largest TORION 1914 and 1812 models, CLAAS focuses its attention on contractors and large farming businesses, who have the highest demands in terms of power, performance and operator comfort. With their efficient Liebherr engines, these machines develop 195 and 228 hp (143 and 168 kW), respectively, and meet Stage IV emissions standards with no additional diesel particulate filter (available as an option). The tipping loads are 11.1 and 12.4 t, respectively. Both large models are equipped as standard with the DYNAMIC COOLING system and an optional automatic reversing fan system for very dirty working conditions is also available.

Convenient CMATIC transmission

The infinitely adjustable, power-split CMATIC transmission works with a combination of hydrostatic and mechanical drive, to achieve optimal efficiency in all loading and unloading operations. The high level of mechanical transmission at lower speeds of up to 10 km/h and, at maximum speed, enable high power output with low fuel consumption.

High-lift boom for maximum loading heights

As with models in the mid-range series, the two largest TORION models enjoy optimal weight distribution with the engine located well toward the rear. This means that the engine can be accessed easily, making maintenance a breeze. The boom is available with either agricultural or Z-kinematics, the agricultural kinematics being particularly well suited for all agricultural applications. Both machines can be equipped with a high-lift boom as an option, provided they are using agricultural kinematics. Measuring 3.0 m, it is 40 cm longer than the standard boom, and can achieve loading heights of up to 4.64 m (at the pivot pin). A high-lift boom is also available as an option for all models in the mid-range series. The CLAAS TORION models are available as of now.

CLAAS Group, Corporate Communications
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